Truck Accident Attorneys – Why Truckers Can’t See Your Car

Truckers call them no zone areas

We call them blind spots and trucks have enormous ones. Typically, the larger trucks such as 18 wheeler, semi-trucks and tractor trailers have larger the blind spot. When a car, motorcycle, or pedestrian is within a truck’s blind spot, an accident with serious injury or spinal cord injury may ensue.truck accident lawyers

Many motorists mistakenly believe that truck drivers have a better view of the road because they sit higher than the driver of a car. In reality, large vehicle drivers have serious blind spots where a car can disappear from view. More information @
Be aware and cautious—avoid the dreaded no zone areas

A truck is surrounded by blind spots and the most dangerous areas include:

Side no zones
Side no zones are the most well-known and perhaps the most dangerous of all of a truck’s blind spots. Located along either side of the truck, they usually extend from directly behind the cab to the back end of the tractor trailer. To avoid truck accidents in these no-zone areas, make sure that you can see the truck driver’s face in their side mirrors. A good rule of thumb truck accident and spinal injury lawyers have is that if you cannot see the driver in the truck’s rear-view mirror, he or she cannot see you either. Cick here @

Rear no zone
Since most large trucks are hauling trailers, they cannot use rear-view mirrors to check for vehicles behind them. The blind spot behind 18 wheeler, semi-trucks and tractor trailers can contain entire automobiles and vehicles. When traveling behind a large truck remain back far enough so that the driver can see you in their side mirrors to avoid truck accidents.

Front no zone
Most trucks have an elevated cab and this positions the truck driver in a seat that is much higher than those in other types of vehicles. If a small car is too close to the front of a truck, the driver may look right over them, not seeing them at all causing a car and truck accident.truck accident attorneys

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