car accident attorneys

In the event of a Harrisonburg auto accident, the knowledgeable legal guidance of David L. Parker, P.C helps clients get through a tough time and recover compensation to deal with financial burden.

With more than two decades of legal experience, the practice is effective in handling cases involving Harrisonburg car accidents. The firm knows how to anticipate the tactics of insurance companies, is very skilled at negotiating settlements, and is also relentless in protecting clients’ rights through trial, if necessary.

Types of auto accidents in Harrisonburg Many motor vehicles crowd today’s highways, opening the door to a variety of collisions. Car accidents in Harrisonburg often involve:

  • Passenger cars
  • Semis or 18-wheelers
  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Buses (private charter and mass transit)
  • Pickup trucks
  • Trains

David L. Parker, P.C. identifies all sources of compensation and seeks the maximum recovery entitled by law on behalf of its clients. Legal help can make a difference Most people involved in an auto accident in Harrisonburg have no previous experience with car accidents. They do not know how insurance companies handle claims. They do not know how to evaluate costs for damages, including fair compensation for auto repair or medical costs for injury.

In addition, the legal system is a maze of complex laws and engages participants in an adversarial process. The average person is not up to the task of understanding or managing a case, nor proving liability, which frequently requires gathering evidence, analysis of the facts, and reconstructing accidents. The law firm of David L. Parker, P.C has access to professional experts such as private investigators, forensic specialists, financial consultants, and medical practitioners, who provide valuable support in auto accident cases.

A seasoned attorney can favorably settle most auto accident claims outside of court. However, to arrive at a fair settlement, the lawyer must substantiate the claim through diligent casework.

The need for legal help usually increases proportionately to the severity of injury and recovery amount being sought. Insurance companies are known for delaying, denying, and offering lowball settlements as a means of increasing their profits.